Nitro ($NIO) Tokenomics

Each LXA Holder gets 1 $nIO
per day paid out Monthly
First Year Supply: 3,650,000 $NIO

3.65 Million
First Year
Full 5 Year Supply: 18,250,000 $NIO

18.25 Million
Full Total Supply

Nitro ($NIO) Road Map

$NIO Requirements?

XRP Address holding at least 1 $LXA token
Trustline set up to $NIO with that same

$NIO Trustline

Issuer Address:

Helpful Links

How to earn $NIO?

Each LXA holder earns 1 $NIO per day for
holding the token.

“James holds 1 $LXA, so he will get 7
$NIO each week”
“If James holds 10 $LXA, he will get 70
$NIO each week”
“If James  holds 1 L3X, he will get 21 $NIO each week, because 1 L3X = 3 LXA”

$NIO Community Voting

Coming Soon

**Terms May Be Subject to Change**
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