L3X Tokens

Total Supply: 100
Total Supply: 150
Total Supply: 250

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How to get it?

Initially L3X was released to the community at an exchange rate of 3 LXA per 1 L3X token until the first collection of Gen 0 tokens (100) were distributed.  These went extremely fast because of the rarity of the fusion mint token. A limited supply of Gen 1 and 2 will come at a later date.  

You can acquire any of these tokens that people are wishing to sell or trade off of the DEX market.  The value of these tokens is based on market demand and trading pairs.
off the DEX.

What does it do?

L3X is a first of its kind Fusion Token.  There are many NFT’s being created by great artist, and the ability of being included into gaming and a Metaverse is coming soon.  Many of these NFT’s are character based.  CreativeX, and LamboXApes, began with Lambos which is a product that can be used by a character.  Lambos are NFT’s that are an elite brand, and product, of luxury transportation.  Park your lambo in your driveway…. Or why walk through a Metaverse when you can also show off your lambo…. But only IF you own one. Maybe put it in your showroom if you own a several.

There are only 100 L3X, 150 L3X1 and 250 L3X2 Tokens that will ever be used as IOU’s for minting an NFT Character based Lambo (Fusion Mint).  These 500 are broken down into three (3) separate collections.  

See the L3X Collection size chart for each generation.  

Gen 0 is the only collection to be released at this time. 

 Announcements will be made in the future for Gen 1 and 2.

The L3X Fusion will be a combined NFT that includes your NFT Lambo and a character based NFT that you own and choose.  Our artist will then fuse the NFT’s together.  Metadata will also be provided to show that it came from the original NFT collection and any other pertinent information.  Owners of the L3X token, and NFT characters, are responsible for receiving any original art work elements, if needed, from their NFT character’s original artist.

Once your NFT has been minted you will own both of your NFT’s, the Fusion and the original character; however, only one can be held at a time.  This is currently the case with any XLS14 mints.  Once XLS20D has begun, an atomic swap function will be written into smart contracts so that anytime you want to switch between the character and the lambo you can do so automatically.  An example of this would be in a Metaverse where you are walking around and then want to drive your lambo.  You would go to the garage and “swap” your character NFT for your Lambo Character.  Then you could swap back to just your character when you are finished driving, racing, gaming.  It is the intent that both NFT’s will always be owned by the same person.  So when you decide to sell your Character NFT and your Lambo Character NFT that they will both be sold together.

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L3X Collection

Collection Size

Mint #1

Gen 0

Price: 75,000 XRP
Fused With:
1/ 100

This is the first L3X fusion NFT from LamboXapes.art

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L3X Fusion Bored Apes on Solo #1

Mint #2

Gen 0

Price: 75,000 XRP
Fused With:
2/ 100

This is the second L3X fusion NFT from LamboXapes.art

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L3X Fusion Bored Apes on Solo #2

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