We are a diamond handed ape community who believes every ape should have a nice ride. We wanted to bring a unique type of NFT. We decided to go with Lambos because of the multiple applications a vehicle can be applied to in the real world but also in the virtual world. Lambos have also stood for a symbol of success among the crypto community. #wenlambo

The idea of Apes rose to popularity over the last 2 years and we believe that describes the unity of people for a common purpose. The diamond hand ape community spans over multiple markets but stands for one cause and that’s the little guy.

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LXA Token

Each $LXA token represents (1) NFT.

The thought process behind the Lambo NFT was to create a multi-functional project.

A high-valued speculative token or a  NFT that provides entertainment and value to its holder.

How to buy $LXA?


Download Xumm App


Follow the Xumm setup instructions.


Setup Trustline with LXA

You are now all set to purchase $LXA.

Within the XUMM App find DEX Trade. Find the trading pair LXA/XRP set the base to LXA.Set your buy limit or market order and you’re finished. You can also find us on sologenic.

How to buy $LXA Video

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token distribution

$LXA total supply 10,000

(40%) 4,000 Airdrop

(15%) 1,500 Founders to HODL (LOCKED UNTIL MINTING).

(20%) 2,000 Marketing and Operations.

(15%) 1,500 Reserved for Partnerships (LOCKED UNTIL MINTING)

(10%) 1000 Giveaway Tokens

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Q4 2021
LamboXApes.art was Founded

-Complete White Paper 1.0

-Created XRPL Token

-Created social media channels

-Started Marketing XRPL NFT's to the community

-Preview of Gen 1 Lambo NFTs 

-Release of V1.0 of our augmented reality application

-Create a 3D Lambo XRP race car

-Hit 5,000 twitter followers

-Complete a OG membership airdrop

Q1-Q2 2022
Developing LXA Technology

-Expand on marketing outlets and partnerships 

-Hit 30,000 twitter followers

-Discord members at 15,000

-Creation of Generation 2 NFT collection 

-LXA AR app. V2.0

TBA- Minting of Lambo NFTs (subject to change) 


Q2-Q4 2022
Developing LXA Technology

-International marketing campaign  

-Hit 50,000 twitter followers

-Discord members at 20,000 

-LXA AR app. V3.0

-Exploring technology integration with the Metaverse

-Announce our newest NFT airdrop art collection

-Expand on strategic technology partners  

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