LXA Community Voting

Welcome to the Community Voting.

This is where our community will vote on important steps in our project.

Voting is done through XUMM wallet sign in and only charges the cost of 1 drop of XRP (0.000001 xrp).

Make sure to have your trustline set and your LXA holdings in the wallet during the voting duration.

♦ Each LXA you hold in your wallet equals 1 vote.
♣ Your most recent vote is the one that counts towards the results.
♥ Whatever your balance of LXA is at the end of the vote will be the number of votes cast for you.
♠ This means if you sell any LXA you may lose that amount of votes.

Thanks for voting and being a valued member of the LamboXApes Community.

Voting Ends In:

Xrpfactchecker has been involved in web development since the early 2000s. Passionate and problem solver, he tackles every project with his critical thinking and experience. Having recently dove in the world of crypto with his trustlines and snapshot tools, he's always looking for his next challenge.

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With a little over 10% left in the airdrop pool of tokens; what option would you like to see occur with the remaining tokens?

Use the 10% to Integrate into the BAYNANA Ecosystem and earn rewards for holding LXA (Baynana Utilities)
Continue to provide airdrops to the community until the 10% is distributed.
Burn off 10% of the supply.
Mint out as common NFTs
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